Girl Talk.


It's Been A While.

I sit and I stare, watching my strange little world go passing me by.

Realizing that one must do, quite the opposite of what one wants to do is like discovering fire.
Dangerous, confusing, and all consuming.
And this discovery is unburdened by personal desires.
A wiser man than I once said, that to be yourself in a world that tries night and day to make you like everyone else is the greatest fight there is to fight.
I agree.

It's been a while since I've felt like myself.
Constantly struggling to manuever through a world that tries not just to conform, but consolidate.
The water is rising. The gap is widening.
Will I float? Or will I sink to the depths of nothingness?
I need to find my way.
For my own sake.

As I stare out into the vast, seemingly endless urban jungle, I'm reminded that there are a million people.
Doing a million things.
For a million reasons.
What's mine?
What's my purpose?

I suppose time will tell.