Keep Shelly In Athens...And Cancer-Free [MUSIC/CHARITY]

Charity is an amazing thing. It brings together people from all walks of life in the support of a single goal. A Cure. Sometimes those people happen to just be in some pretty great bands too. Keep Shelly In Athens, Oh Minnows, Kidcity, Shark? & more are putting out a special album containing covers of The Jesus And Mary Chain song 'Just Like Honey' [also the name given to the blog thats funding it--also named for the song].

Each band and musician interprets the song in their own fashion, with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness. The minimum donation is about ₤8 [$12 converted] but no one is asking you to be a cheapskate... Looking for a cure here people!

You can head HERE to make a difference and listen to the tracks. A few are provided below as usual. Album is out now in digital format, hard copies with killer photos of a tatted-up redhead are out tomorrow [2/1].


Keep Shelly In Athens - Just Like Honey
Shark? - Just Like Honey
Oh Minnows - Just Like Honey
Laki Mera - Just Like Honey

warning: seriously sexy redhead ahead....

Jack White Finally Goes Solo [MUSIC]

He’s been the most visible member of the White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather, but Jack White has never gone full-on solo for any extended period of time. Sure, he's worked with Daniel Luppi and Norah Jones on the album, Rome....even had a cameo on American Pickers.

But that’s about to change. White’s debut solo album Blunderbuss comes out in April [my birthday!] and 'Love Interruption' is the first single. It’s riddled with ridiculously catchy acoustic guitars and electro-pianos.

The digital version of goes on sale tonight, and there’s also a 7″ vinyl coming 2/7, with the non-album track 'Machine Gun Silhouette' serving as the B-side. Album is out 4/24 on Third Man/Columbia.


Jack White - Love Interruption

yes, he is indeed shaving in that picture....


Winter Mix-Tape By Casual Encounters [MUSIC]

Nearly a 2-hour long eargasm of deep house/disco mixes and edits courtesy of house music maestros, Casual Encounters. Their 'Casual Winter Mixtape' provides a warming sensation to all those hibernators who still want to party sans the cold. the latest EP Robo Funk can be got HERE.

Step 1: Start a fire, grab the marshmellows, maybe some wine..
Step 2: Relax.


Casual Encounters - Casual Winter Mixtape by Casual Encounters


Casual Encounters - Casual Winter Mixtape [FULL]

M.I.A. Gets Down With Her Bad Self [MUSIC]

Just over a year ago, M.I.A. released her pretty-great Vicki Leekx mixtape, and one of its highlights was a track called 'Bad Girls'. M.I.A.’s working on a new album now; she’s expected to have it out this summer, and a new, expanded version of Bad Girls is the first single. Timbaland associate Danja produced it, and it is catchy as all hell. Listen below. Grab the track-labeled mixtape while you're at it.


M.I.A. - Bad Girls

M.I.A. - Vicki Leekx Mistape [FULL]


Tennis: 'Young & Old' [REVIEW]

The sophomore album from the husband and wife duo, Tennis [Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley] officially comes out in a few weeks [2/14], but that won't stop me from bragging about how good it is. 'Young & Old' is a lovely collection of 10 songs that beautifully showcase the rich simplicity of good coastal rock.

'It All Feels The Same' is a great opening track that highlights the discontinuity in many relationships. It preaches about wishing..well, that things were different. With a chorus line like, 'We could be good, but we don't live the way that we should...' the song has a universal meanings. Its also a toe-tapper with tambourines [which are highly underused these days--except maybe by Zooey Deschanel].

The tone switches with a jazzier melody for 'Origins' [already released ahead of the album]. Its got plenty of piano, some sax, and soft vocals from Alaina. The track has a retro feel. Very reminiscent of a song The Bamboos' leading lady Megan Washington might conjure... Fingers crossed for a cover??

The pace continues, but the tone changes to a more rainy-day tune with 'My Better Self'. Very much digging the piano on this. Not so much the persistent fake clapping. Seems unnecessary. Overall a decent song. With a melancholic feel and a soft piano melody it can easily be compared to Keane.

'Traveling' really makes you think you are. A slightly hectic, upbeat song complete with synths and smooth drumming. One of the stronger tracks on the album. Just listen and you'll be smitten.

The next up is 'Petition', another upbeat and sunny song with the same sort of basic repeating piano rhythm found throughout. What's interesting here, is Alaina's fluttering vocal range. It is more prominent here then anywhere else. The chorus has a bit of R&B soul in it which is gives some more depth to the overall album. Can definitely dance to this one. 'Robin' is a reflective love song about someone leaving. For some odd reason, the image of bubbles comes to mind when listening to this. Nonetheless, its a cute diddy.

The totally cool, retro-sounding 'High Road' is a jam straight out of the 60's. The best kind of laid-back surf-style rock. One of the best so far. From there, we sink our teeth into the sugary pop lyrics of 'Dreaming', a more swinging and spiraling track that you can play when swooning over your girl up on Lover's Lane.

The final two tracks, 'Take Me To Heaven' and 'Never To Part' are certainly appropriately named and perfect for closing. When thinking about love, its always best to end on a happy and romantic note. A dreamy lullaby of sorts, the latter track is styled after that 60's style box social movie scene. You know the part. Right at the end when all the kids are dancing, and the camera pan ups to the sky, then fades out...

The end.

Grab the album when its released, just in time for Valentines Day too [2/14]. Your significant other thank you with their mouths [get your head out of the gutter..I meant with a kiss..sickos].


Tennis - Origins
Tennis - Traveling
Tennis - Robin
Tennis - High Road
Tennis - Dreaming
Tennis - Never To Part

p.s...the album uses a classic formula--no song is shorter than 3min or longer than 3 and a half...

Lana Del Rey To Re-Release 'Lizzy Grant' [MUSIC]

I didnt wake up today with the intention of continuing my proclamation of love for Lana Del Rey [again] but I have no choice. The latest news is out. Turns out the Brooklyn hottie is planning to re-release her 2010 album, 'The Life & Times Of Lizzy Grant'. The BBC reports [so you know it's true] she has acquired the rights to her own album for a low-low price of only $10,000. I guess she's betting on herself--but if I was her, I would take that bet too..

She explains:
“People act like it’s so shrouded in mystery, the ‘forgotten terrible album’, but if you look on YouTube, all 13 tracks are available with millions of views, so it’s not like no-one’s heard them. We were all proud of it. It’s pretty good.”

She has a point. The album already contains versions of current favorites 'Born To Die' and 'Blue Jeans'. And I must say, 'Kill Kill' and 'Yayo' are definetly some killer tracks. Peep them below.


Lana Del Rey - Diet Mtn Dew
Lana Del Rey - Kill Kill
Lana Del Rey - Yayo
Lana Del Rey - Gramma (Sparkler Trailer Heaven)
Lana Del Rey - Pawn Shop Blues


Lana Del Rey - Life & Times Of Lizzy Grant [FULL]


SBTRKT Debuts New Track 'Atomic Peace' [MUSIC]

SBTRKT has just premiered a [new] track (edit/remix) which is actually from 3 years back. It was originally supposed to be included on his album, but due to the sample it borrows from, Mum track, 'Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio', it was held back.

It was originally played it in 2009 on Mary Anne Hobbs Guest Mix.


SBTRKT - Atomic Peace

SBTRKT the stress right out of your head with this one....

Austin City Limits: Fleet Foxes & Joanna Newsom [VIDEO]

Back in August, the harmonic folk rockers Fleet Foxes and beloved harp prodigy Joanna Newsom taped an episode of Austin City Limits which aired recently on PBS.

The performance featured the Foxes' playing (without drummer J. Tillman) tracks 'Sim Sala Bim', 'Grown Ocean' and 'Helplessness Blues'.

That episode—which includes Newsom's 'Bridges and Balloons', from The Milk-Eyed Mender (2004), and 'Good Intentions Paving Company' from Have One On Me (2010)—aired this past weekend [Jan. 21st] If you happened to have missed it, fear not. You can watch it below.

Also, look out for Newsom on an upcoming episode of Portlandia, which airs Friday, 2/17.


**If video does not play, view HERE.

Cloud Nothings: Attack On Memory [MUSIC]

Dylan Baldi of the band Cloud Nothings must be thrilled to be no longer residing in his parent's basement. Because this time last year, that is exactly where he and his fellow members were stuck recording and rehearsing. Now signed to Carpark records and with the release of their newest album 'Attack On Memory' the guys are hitting the road for some much needed [leg-stretching] tours. The album was produced by Steve Albini, who helped create albums for big names like Nirvana, Cheap Trick, Pixies, and PJ Harvey. In fact, you can hear a bit of rough Cobain riffs in the album.

Influenced by retro punk and sounding a lot like The Vines, Cloud Nothings might seem like a misleading name, but it shouldn't detract from the gruff and lo-fi power they keep putting out.

Judge for yourself if the hype is worth it. Album is out today.


Cloud Nothings - Fall In
Cloud Nothings - Cut You
Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless
Cloud Nothings - Our Plans

More Lana Del Rey Invades Your Ear Balls [MUSIC]

If anyone can recover from all this negative buzz, its going to be Lana Del Ray. Her album, 'Born To Die' just released yestermorn, is bound to see some noteworthy sales. Especially--considering all the recent noteworthy remixes courtesy of Joy Orbinson, Hype Machine, White Lies and AlunaGeorge.

Now she's enlisting even more heavy hitters: Clams Casino and Woodkid. Theyre more reserved when compared to the previous mixes we've heard. Casino's version of 'Born To Die' is a darker Nine Inch Nails-esque number complete with all the clicks and whistles one would hear on Reznor's 'Ghosts I-IV' album. Woodkid's rendition is part military march, part epic soundtrack. Very much diggin' the latter here.

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die [Clams Casino Remix] by PurplePR

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die [Woodkid Remix] by PurplePR


Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Clams Casino Remix)
Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (Woodkid & The Shoes Remix)


Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (PDP 13 Remix)

i could really go for some italian right now....

Ok Computer: A Tribute [MUSIC]

A while ago, came across a tribute album developed in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Radiohead's album Ok Computer. Not sure it got the attention it deserved then, so figured if there was ever a place to share it, this would be it.

It features a motley crew of bands from all genres so there is bound to be something for everyone. Whether you prefer the more poppy homages or more experimental flattery, all accounted for here.

Dig in.


14. Doveman - Airbag
13. Slaraffenland - Paranoid Android
12. Mobius Band - Subterranean Homesick Alien
11. Vampire Weekend - Exit Music (For A Film)
10. David Bazan's Black Cloud - Let Down
9. John Vanderslice - Karma Police
8. Samson Dalonga Feat. The Found Sound Orchestra - Fitter Happier
7. Cold War Kids - Electioneering
6. The Twilight Sad - Climbing Up The Walls
5. Marissa Nadler Feat. Black Hole Infinity - No Suprises
4. My Brightest Diamond - Lucky
3. Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble - The Tourist
2. Northern States - No Surprises**
1. Chris Walla - Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)**



OKX - A Tribute To Ok Computer


And The Giraffe Take Love Underground [MUSIC/VIDEO]


In today's economy, $0 dollars wont buy you..well, anything really. Maybe a hug. But occasionally you have a band who really know how to stretch the limits of no money. And The Giraffe are those people.

'Undergound Love' is the new video for their single, which was filmed in L.A. on an non-existent budget. The song is a beautiful and haunting tale of lost love. The sound, is reminiscent of a young John Mayer & Alexi Murdoch, and is the kind of music that makes rainy days pleasant and remembering past flames a bittersweet journey.

And the Giraffe, is made up of best friends, Nick Roberts and Josh Morris. They provide the majority of soothing intrsuments and vocals. Producer Robert Edmondson got in on the creative process too, laying down some melodic bass lines and sax. Malcolm Martin played drums on the album track, 'Still'.

Their debut dreamy-folk EP is out now, titled 'Something For Someone' and you can grab it HERE at their bandcamp site.


1. Underground Love
2. 1055
3. Welshrats
4. Magic 8
5. Masquerade
6. Still


Move Over Dave Sitek. Ryan Gosling Is Here [MUSIC]

UK-band Spector have coated the track 'No Light, No Light' by Florence & The Machine with a layer of static-y electronic paint, giving Welsh’s voice a high-pitched makeover and making the intensity of the original a little bit more of an assault on the senses. With a more rugged, and partially dub-stepped beat, its got a groove alright.

But what on earth does this have to do with Ryan Gosling? Had to do some digging, but apparently the remix opening contains hints of the Cliff Martinez-composed Drive score, but maybe it’s just a great background music for cracking skulls or speed-racing away from whizzing bullets.

Who knows.


Florence & The Machine - No Light No Light (Spector 'Ryan Gosling' Remix)
Florence & The Machine - No Light, No Light (Dave Sitek Remix)

whatever happened to Zach from Saved By The Bell? oh wait, that's Mark-Paul Gosselaar....


Le Nonsense: The Jeunesse EP [MUSIC]

Italian wunderkid Marlon Mastacero has an EP out right nown called 'The Jeunesse EP' and if you ask me what that means, I couldn't tell you--even thought I took like 8 years of italian back in the day. Tale è la vita.

Despite his short time on this planet, he has been responsible for some excellent reworks of Cherokee, Poka, and DeeJMD. His first solo effort is relaxed in its vibe, and classic in its sound; borrowing elements from 70's and 80's disco and supplementing with modern Euro house beats.

Check out the tracklist. Go HERE to listen, And if so inclined, you can grab the album below.


1. Tokio Disco (Original Mix) 3:02
2. Every Time (Original Mix) 3:41
3. Distance (Original Mix) 2:49
4. Funky Goodtimes (Original Mix) 4:02
5. Eat, Dance, Love (Original Mix) 4:01
6. Smile In Rome (Original Mix 3:04
7. Story On The Shore (Original Mix) 3:46


Le Nonsense - The Jeunesse EP [FULL]

Le Nonsense X Cherokee: Makes Damn Good Sense [MUSIC]

From an italian 'producer' who is only a scant, 16-years old--Marlon Mostacero, aka Le Nonsense, gives us a nice, cool dance remix of Cherokee track 'Take Care Of You'. Mostacero is a signed to the Not Made For Dance label and based on his creation here, is heavily influenced by classic disco & house. His EP titled 'The Jeunesse' features all those wonderful elements of your favorite Prince and Rick James songs.

Cherokee - Take Care Of You (Le Nonsense "Marine" Remix) by Le Nonsense


Cherokee - Take Care Of You (Le Nonsense 'Marine' Remix)

La Royale Modernizes Classic Queen [MUSIC]

Alec Sander [aka La Royale] has beeen tooling around the old vinyl bins to create this Talking Heads-sounding mix of the Queen classic, 'Another One Bites The Dust'. If you go back and listen to 'Burning Down The House' you'll see what I mean.

Regardless, the track is hot. Probably because he's from Mexico.

Queen - Another One Bites The Dust (La Royale Edit) by La Royale


Queen - Another One Bites The Dust (La Royale Edit)

Cherokee Takes Us To The Club [MUSIC]

From the French duo who brought us that stunning Daft Punk remix, Cherokee---are two more chilled out songs that evoke thoughts of a warmer time. To be honest, I wouldn't mind taking a 'Mambo Jet' anywhere. Preferably Fiji or Ibiza. Somwhere like that.

'Take Care Of You' is definitely the song you'd listen to on the way there. Slow, sultry and sexy. The second, 'Mambo Jet' sounds pretty reminiscent of a Daft Punk song as well, and is the song you listen to once you arrive. One of the cooler elements of this track is how the sound profile switches between an 'elevator-esque' midi-tune and a 'club doors open' Entourage-type thing. Which pretty much tricks your mind into thinking that you're actually snaking your way through a Euro dance club. There's even a part where it sounds like you just went into the boys room...with a girl.

If only.

Cherokee - Take Care Of You by Shiny Disco Club


Cherokee - Take Care Of You

Mambo Jet by Cherokee (Official)


Cherokee - Mambo Jet


Tuesday's Gone: Covers Playlist [MUSIC]

This was a quite a gloom n' doom sort of day here in the Big Apple. Nothing juicy and red about it at all.  So here is a list of cover songs by some not-so-well-known players on the music circuit these days. They all seem to compliment the mood of the day.

Ruthie & Zach from Mount Weak deliver a haunting, simple, stripped down version of the upbeat, funky jam 'Heartbeats'. Complete with acoustic guitars, echoing vocals and other ethereal noises, this one packs more emotional content into the song than I previously thought possible.

Mount Weak - Heartbeats (The Knife Cover)

Illinois-based singer/songwriter and beard afficianado William Fitzsimmons creates a captivating folky rendition of The Smiths classic song 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I What'. Taken from the album 'Please, Please Please: A Tribute To The Smiths.'

Since it's on an album featuring a newly squeezed Garbage track [they've been truly MIA for years], you know it has to be good. And it is---Damien Rice tries his hand at the U2 classic hit 'One'. Taken from the album 'Ahk-toong Bay-bi'.

Taking a completely different direction as most paying tribute to Nirvana, the man known as Porcelain Raft took the track 'Come As You Are' and gave it a slow-paced industrial twist. With vocals that sound like they were done in an indoor pool. It has a similar feel to antything the Flaming Lips may have tried...or will try, who knows.

Joy Zipper--the duo from Long Island, Tabitha Tindale and Vincent Cafiso capture the youthful spirit of love and freewill with The Cure classic 'Just Like Heaven.' Not to be confused with Joy Division, Band Of Joy or The Joy Formidable...although I might have just done that for you. Not much has changed here, perhaps more drums and hastened pace, but not by much. What is really enjoyable and unique is the duet between the two singers.

The remix artist collective known as [obviously] RAC, has been busy working on tons of hits and cooking them up to serve you slices of badass remakes. Taking time out of their day to completely remake a song from scratch, are Andre Allen Anjos and his wife Liz Anjos who took what is arguably one of the Smashing Pumpkins best songs, '1979' and rather than remixing, covered it instead [with talent].

The Horrors are brave for tackling fellow Brit David Bowie and his jam 'Suffragette City'. But with a heavily punk influence it works out perfectly. Straighten up your face and listen.


Lana Del Rey SNL Debut [NEWS/MUSIC]

If you caught her debut television performance on SNL this weekend--two weeks ahead of any actual album release, then you might have been somewhat underwhelmed. A truly informed rookie might have gracefully bowed out of such an offer--Natalie Imbruglia is the only other person in the history of SNL to receive one--allowing time to perfect his or her routine. But considering all the hype and buzz surrounding Lana Del Rey, if you or me were her, its doubtful we would turn it down either.

But as expected of a rookie, she seemed a bit nervous and unprepared. Not a big deal, could've been worse. She could have had an Ashlee Simpson moment. Some people are speculating it was the legendary poor sound at the 30 Rock studio, or was it the song choice? I blame the latter. 'Video Games' was way too soft, slow and unexciting for a broadcast premiere.

Regardless of her late-night efforts, it hardly tarnishes the fact that her music is still amazing. With a little more stage presence everything else will fall into place.

Check out some killer remixes, and grab the album Born To Die when it drops 1/31.


Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans
Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)
Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (Hype Machine Dubstep Remix)

everyone deserves a second chance...except Ashlee Simpson....

Of Montreal: Paralytic Stalks

The new Of Montreal album, 'Paralytic Stalks' will be out in the world in just a few weeks, but like a boy on Christmas [or Hanukah, don't want to discriminate] the excitement was too much to handle. Had to have it. And it seemed appropriate to share it--that's what they teach you in Kindergarden, right??

Well here it is! And as a bonus, the gang also wanted to share their song about oral hygiene from Yo Gabba Gabba...which I think they also teach you in Kindergarden. Best tracks on the album are easily the poppy, upbeat 'We Will Comitt Wolf Murder' [something Ted Nugent is likely acquainted with], 'Wintered Debts' [which we've heard] and the highly cosmic, echoey space journey 'Gelid Ascent' which as the name suggests, continues to spiral upwards towards the heavens throughout the song. 'Malefic Dowery' is a more subdued bubbly melody with harmonizing vocals. A very good song for a romp through a flowery meadow or an acid trip...no judgement.


Of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks [320 kbps]


Of Montreal - Brush Brush Brush

music for neo-humans...


School Of Seven Bells Drops New Single [MUSIC]

Is anyone else excited for School Of Seven Bells' new album Ghostory next month? I am. And to show how excited they are as well, SOSB has been so kind as to deliver a second new single unto us titled 'Lafaye'. Its a dazed and fazed dancey tune that is reminiscent of The Sounds and The Joy Formidable. Which, is a very good thing.

Grab the track below. Be sure to check out the albm when it arrives 2/28.


School Of Seven Bells - Lafaye
School Of Seven Bells - The Night

Lafaye is the tormented character from the upcoming album...

Flaming Lips Share 'Wishlist' For Collabrative Album [NEWS]

Wayne Coyne is a rare breed. One of those gifted few who can turn even the wackiest idea into a reality seemingly with only sheer will and a little follow-through. But we know it takes a little bit more work than that. Last year, The Flaming Lips worked with Neon Indian on a 12'' vinyl-only EP, then set out to work with Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band. But he didn't stop there. He also recorded with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Bad Seeds frontman, Nick Cave.

Not one to take a break from his creative undertakings, Coyne recently set out to make some sweet melodies with Bon Iver [Oh yay!] and even crafted a wishlist of other musicians he hopes to work with, including: Lykke Li, Erykah Badu and..[perhaps oddest of all] Ke$ha.

He's hoping to have the multi-artist LP out sometime in April, and it seems like a very reachable timeframe considering all the hardwork he and the Lips put into their 6-hour 'Found A Star On The Ground', and then subsequently 24-hour: '7 Skies H3' song.

In the meantime, check out their joint-effort with Neon Indian.


Flaming Lips + Neon Indian - Is David Bowie Dying?
Flaming Lips + Neon Indian - You Don't Respond
Flaming Lips + Neon Indian - Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want...

everyone loves a good musical 'smoosh'...

Tiga's Justice Remix..Without All The Narcissism [MUSIC]

Justice is set to put out an EP of Audio, Video, Disco remixes later this month. And a while back I posted a remix of 'On N' On' by Brodinski, and Tiga’s remix of 'Canon'. Sadly, the Tiga mix was riddled with him loving all over himself. Very irritating to say the least.

As promised, here is the brand new vocal free version. Enjoy!


Justice - Canon (Tiga Remix)

The weekend just got more awesome...


LCD Soundsystem: The Movie [VIDEO]

It's very sad knowing that henceforth there shall be no band of the moniker, LCD Soundsytem---but their legacy shall live on in the digital spectrum with a brand new film premiering at Sundance Film Festival titled, Shut Up And Play The Hits [but as frontman James Murphy might say, 'baby we dont do hits'].

Next week, viewers lucky enough to see the debut feature from Dylan Southern & Will Lovelace will be privy to exlusive footage from the band's last show from April 2011 at Madison Square Garden, plus never-before-seen segments from their final hours, including insight into what Murphy plans to do next [such as be a chef, for starters].

Grab a look at the trailer below or HERE if it doesnt work.



LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
LCD Soundsystem - Pow Pow
LCD Soundsystem - You Wanted A Hit (2010)

Keep Shelly In Athens [MUSIC]

Although her name isn't Shelly [it's actually Sarah], the music of this duo Keep Shelly In Athens would still sound just as sweet by any other name. Athen's native [at least that's true] Sarah P. and her producer and instrumentalist known simply as, RPR are working on building a following in their homeland across the ocean, whereas here in the States, they are relatively a big deal.

“It’s really, really strange to release a record in a different country,” says Sarah, “but we are ecstatic. Here in Greece we aren’t so well known, so this is just really weird.” She quips. Probably isn't going to hurt that their exposure is about to expand ten-fold as they are on deck for Coachella 2012 this April.

Drawing upon their surroundings, they invite the natual beauty and splendor of the sea and beaches into their musical process. Very etheral and ambient, it triggers vivid imagery of the Mediterranean--even though you might never have been. The best way to describe them comes from Gorilla Vs. Bear: "A shimmering, sexy-smooth, Balearic pop dream, perfect for soundtracking all the lingering yearning and regret of your next late-night comedown.."

So...Who the hell is Shelly??

“Who is Shelly?… that’s funny,” she giggles, “there is no Shelly. It’s a game with words because here in Greece there is a suburb called Kypseli.”

I can dig it.


Keep Shelly In Athens - DIY
Keep Shelly In Athens - Song To Cheer You Up
Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
**sounds like: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II**
Keep Shelly In Athens - Hauntin Me
Keep Shelly In Athens - Lazy Noon


Keep Shelly In Athens - When You Sleep [Mixtape]


Coachella 2012: Playlist [MUSIC]

Ah! Coachella 2012, everyone's favorite three-day festival, is back for another round April in Indio, CA. As is the problem with so many big festivals, time managment is key. Often it's hard to figure out where to go and what to watch. There are many a talented name on the list this year, including the neo-indie likes' of Yuck, the serene rock style of Real Estate and Oberhofer, as well as legacy acts such as Pulp, Refused, headliners like Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel, this is definitely a 'something for everyone' type-situation. So if you got some time to kill you may want to consider some the acts below.

The lineup is WAY to expansive to include everything, so here is an offering of names you may have heard of and never actually heard, or heard and dont actually know of, or seen and still never heard of...Enjoy.


Gary Clark Jr. - Don't Owe You A Thing
Oberhofer - Away Frm U
Girls - Morning Light
Pulp - Common People
Arctic Monkeys - Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair
Refused - The Deadly Rhythm
Wild Flag - Black Tiles
Explosions In The Sky - Trembling Hands
Yuck - The Wall
The Shins - Mine's Not A High Horse
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The Death Of You And Me
Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945
At The Drive-In - Invalid Litter Dept.
Real Estate - Black Lake

damn you west coast....