The Black Keys Want To Sell You Their Hooptie: El Camino.

If you've had your ear to the ground, then you already know the highly acclaimed rock duo The Black Keys are at it again--with a new album El Camino, which drops Dec. 6th. And if you're like me, then you're equally as excited that the first track 'Lonely Boy' is already up for grabs as is their retro-looking video for it featuring a random lonely man dancing his awkward ass off.

Not much can be said about this one yet, except there is an expectation that the bluesy rockers are going to take a stab at the 70's lo-fi culture. Especially considering this promo video for the Keys feat. funny-man Bob Odenkirk [Mr. Show] selling us old whips with a killer comb-over:

Check out the track-listing below and feel free to draw your own conclusions about the sound we can anticipate. But if  song titles like 'Mind Eraser' or 'Nova Baby' are any indication, we may have found the next theme song to play when running from the cops across state lines.

Track Listing:

1. Lonely Boy
2. Dead And Gone
3. Gold on the Ceiling
4. Little Black Submarines
5. Money Maker
6. Run Right Back
7. Sister
8. Hell Of A Season
9. Stop Stop
10. Nova Baby
11. Mind Eraser


Kaki King Takes On Tokyo's Cotton Club Then...The World!

Hailed as the only female guitar god by Rolling Stones magazine, Kaki King is once again taking the world by storm with her dazzling dexterity and insane Amadeus guitars. Currently hitting up Tokyo's legendary Cotton Club for a four-night stint, she plans to expand her self across not one, but two oceans--hitting up the US and Europe for her Fall 2011 Tour. Making stops all over the south lands of the US, then jumping across the pond to Italy, France and Switzerland, you'll be remiss if you don't check her out if you're lucky enough to be in one of her destinations of choice.

Kaki King is not just known for her blazing fast finger work on a 5-string, but also her melodic, lyrical stylings. While she continues to evolve her sound from her previous recordings which showcase her as a monstly solo artist, her latest album, Junior, (out on Rounder Records) is a more edgy and powerful reminder that she is a rock force to not be taken lightly.

If you're feeling left out, dont fret [we'll let her work that], King will be making a special appearence @ NY's 2012 Guitar Festival on Thursday, January 12. She will be performing along with Lee Ronaldo...So don't say you weren't told!

..it's good to be the King.


Haunt Your Halloween With The Black Angels: 10/29-10/31

You dont need to trick anyone into treating yourself to the highly psychedlic and sometimes spooky rock power that is The Black Angels. On tour promoting their third album 'Phosphene Dream'--and first on Blue Horizon Records--this Austin-based group is headlining a three-night residency Halloween weekend here in Brooklyn! Starting October 29 and bleeding your eardrums dry right into Monday, The Angels are joined by Spindrift and Golden Animals (10/29-10/30) and Pyschic Ills and Exitmusic (10/31 only).

The Halloween bash will be held at the dark, downstairs dungeon of the Williamsburg Music Hall just off Kent on North 6th St.

Tickets can be got here for scant $20 ($25 day of), and considering its Halloween you'll be sure to see many a ghoulish creature of the night. All the better to haunt you with my pretties...


Candians With A Cause: Arcade Fire, Neil Young Rock Bridge School Benefit.

RĂ©gine Chassagne, Arcade Fire. Courtesy of John Shearer @WireImage

Some of Canada's best and brightest acts have rocked out for charity this week, playing The Bridge School Benefit, which began celebrating its 25th year with performances by indie sensations Arcade Fire, as well as Mumford & Sons. But the heavy-hitting lineup did not stop there. Also getting in on the acoustic action was Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, Beck, and [obviously] event organizer Neil Young among others. Young joined fellow Canadians Arcade Fire for a perfect acoustic performance of his song “Helpless” which you can download/watch here:

It doesn't look like it was much of a random occurrence that Neil was able to gather these big names for such a worthy cause considering his video invite released a while back. The Foo Fighters, Norah Jones, as well as legendary crooner Tony Bennett and guitar master Carlos Santana also showed up to lend their support [and lay down some serious talent].

Neil Young, Dave Matthews & Arcade Fire. Courtesy of John Shearer @WireImage

The Bridge School, which holds this acoustic show annually, is "a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that individuals with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities through the use of augmentative & alternative means of communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) applications and through the development, implementation and dissemination of innovative life-long educational strategies."
If you want to get your 'giving on,' as you should...then head to their website here to donate, and also check out the concert merch sale which includes shirts, cds and dvds of the show.

Ask Bjork Anything (Yes, Anything).

If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with the always enigmatic, stylish [and highly volatile] Icelandic singer/songwriter, then wonder no more! And awake to a world where Bjork answers your tiny, human-minded questions with that trademark obscurity and nonsensical absurity. Perhaps also with that trademark smirk, but alas you won't be able to tell as this is purely digital.

Over at her website, you can pose any question you like to the whimsical woman of wonder and she will respond in kind, whenever she gets around to it. Feel free to ask her such thought-provoking queries such as "What is your spirit animal?" or "If you were'nt creating such weird music, what other job would you have?" Or you can take the mundane approach and ask her what her favorite marshmellow piece in Lucky Charms is...

Two questions have been asked already [albeit boring] including this one which has already received a reply:

And speaking of Biophilia, Bjork just released her latest audio adventure of the same name this month on Nonesuch Records. Crystalline is the first single off the album and has already invaded the digital space with a trip-tastic music video [which we totally expected]:


MGMT: Gig @ The Guggenheim.

Indie-Electro Dance phenoms MGMT have taken a very philanthropic approach to their next gig at the Guggenheim Museum here in Manhattan, playing the '2011 International Gala' After-Party hosted by the Young Collectors Council on November 10th. The after-party is a special fundraising event with proceeds benefiting the Guggenheim's exhibitions, acquisitions, and education programs.

Of course, if you're like many New Yorkers and can only be benevolent on a budget, then lucky for you [and me] there is a second show on November 11th for a mere $35 for museum members or $40 for the less art-inclined. The show on the 10th is offering tickets for $150 for members or $200 for non-members but includes dinner, drinks and [of course] 'zerts.

Tickets go on sale Friday @ 10am so remember to set the alarm. Check out the event page for info.

And watch the interview below to hear the about their upcoming show while sipping bloody mary's:


REVIEW: Feist - Metals [2011]

The Canadian songstress is back to strum our heartstrings with an even darker side that we might have sensed lurking in the background of her previous albums..

Metals, out on Cherrytree/Interscope is the follow-up to her 2007 breakout, The Reminder.

Recorded in scenic Big Sur, Cali., Feist co-produced the album with longtime collaborators Chilly Gonzales and Mocky, as well as newcomer Valgeir SigurĂ°sson (Bjork, Bonnie "Prince" Billy). Metals marks Feist's celebratory return to the world stage.
And speaking to the collaborative process--be sure to check out the 12 incredibly stunning vignettes that coincide with the making of the album. Each one, offering a glimpse into the creative world, relationships and elements that make this release her most unique yet.

Opening with a bluesy, twangy guitar intro on 'The Bad In Each Other,' the album already has a much different tone when compared to her previous, poppy gems such as '1,2,3,4,' [The Reminder] or 'Mushaboom' [Let It Die]. With a louder, more energetic sound, it signals a true-grit, angsty revolution of sound. I liken this song to the audio opening of a wild journey movie, leaving the visual part up to the imagination.

Continuing along the darkening road, the next track is 'Graveyard.' With drum beats and pianos that takes its' queues from the off-kiltered vocals [much like The Kinks' Strangers], its continues to build suspense ultimately resulting in a choir of Feists decrying:
'Whoa-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, bring 'em all back to life!'

Harkening back to her yester-years, 'How Come You Never Go There,' is likely to be the first single and the the foundation of many a remix. It combines the classic piano and vocal timings we have come to expect from Feist a groove that is undeniably toe-tapping. Although a bit Norah Jones-esque, the song gives old fans an easy transition into this album and reminds new fans of her roots.

'A Commotion' is just that--some drums, some horns and a whole lot of unmemorable sounds. The overall tempo of the album is slightly injured by this track and probably could have done without this one. Compared to the stripped down nature of the rest of this album, this one comes out of left field..

Easily the best track on here, 'Anti-Pioneer' is a down-tempo, down-trotten ballad which resonates the sounds of a low-lit lounge while beautifully showcasing Feist's true vocal prowess. All the musical elements come together wonderfully without overstepping the boundaries of their usefulness. While repeating the chorus throughout, the haunting manner in which its delivered with a peetering piano at the end is what truly gives the listener a chill:

"when the flag changes colours
the language knows
when the month changes numbers
it's time to go [home]..."

If you enjoyed the song 'The Park' [The Reminder] which was subsequently covered by several fellow musicians including the always fantastic Justin Vernon [aka, Bon Iver] then you would have no trouble appreciating the melodic nature of 'Cicadas & Gulls.' Perhaps the most laid back of all, its purpose is to unwind which it certainly does.

'Comfort Me'  opens with a simple Black Keys-esque guitar and soon becomes a driving, pounding force about half-way through. Delivering a steady drum, and a stream of notes sung by an unknown collective, it continues to climb, and suddenly crescendos and leaves Feist the final few moments to close.

Closing out the list is ' Woe Be.' A beautiful blues piano accompanies Leslie's vocals and offers a reflective melancholic fade out. A wonderful way to end, although Anti-Pioneer would have fit equally well as the closer, if not better. Still, certainly her best album to date. With a darker enrgy [that was not quite as angry as was suggested by some, ie. Rolling Stones..] and a new, less whimsical perspective I imagine that this will earn her some much deserved recognition for not sticking to one dynamic. If you just sort of 'liked' Feist before, you are certain to 'love' her on this one.

Check out Feist performing ''How Come You Never Go There?" on Letterman [10/4/2011]:


The Flaming Lips: Out-Doing Themselves Yet Again.

Okay...so we all know about The Flaming Lips and their epic work-day length jam that blared across our earballs a couple weeks back. Never one to be out done by anyone but himself, Wayne Coyne is at it again. This time with news that in fact there is now a 24-hour song in the making. While there is no doubt that some guy out there is bound to sit and listen to the whole thing in its entirety [can't imagine why...] when it's released Halloween (Oct. 31), the smart money says it will be one of the lucky 5 people who have already purchased the song-to-be which will come fitted in an actual human skull [from local purveyor Skulls Unlimited that doubles as a hard-drive. And for $5,000 a head, you can bet your ass that those 5 people feel pretty obligated if they want their money's worth.

Artistic stunts like this are becoming common for The Lips — although this one is decidedly the most off-the-wall. At the beginning of this year, the band announced that they planned to release a song per month, and since then Coyne and Co. have set out on a wacky exploration of music and art. There was a song entirely composed of YouTube videos, and a gummy skull (and other body parts) packed with music. No wonder Wayne Coyne was nominated for an O Music Award for Digital Genius.