Regina Spektor Floats Down The River [MUSIC]

Somewhat a manic song with a sense of urgency; Regina Spektor's new song 'All The Rowboats' is the latest single from the melancholic singer/piano champ. It's a bit darker with a concert hall feel. But all the same its nice to see that not everything is as upbeat and chipper as her other work.

The video for the song is a masterpiece in itself as well. Adria Petty, the director behind Beyonce's 'Countdown' video and Peter Sluszka on stop-motion animation helped make this a very eerie and well-constructed piece of film.

The album, 'What We Saw From The Cheap Seats' hits shelves May 29th on Sire/Warner Bros.


Regina Spektor - All The Rowboats

what did we see from the cheap seats? nothing...we were in the front row!

The Temper Trap Admit Their Need For Love [MUSIC]

The Temper Trap weren’t joking the other day when they tweeted that ‘Need Your Love,’ the lead single off their self-titled second album, would be “out soon.” Just 48 hours after posting the tweet and teasing their eager fans with a 60-second video clip featuring audio from the song, Temper Trap have unveiled the track in its entirety.

Need Your Love’ isn’t likely to be anywhere near as ubiquitous, but it’s still a damn catchy tune that proves ’Sweet Disposition’ was no fluke. Over thick major-key synths, a pounding backbeat and soaring fretwork reminiscent of the Edge, frontman Dougy Mandagi showcases his powerful-yet-fraile voice as he sings about one of the most recognizable themes in human existence--Love!

Grab the bonus track from the new album as well, titled 'Rabbit Hole'.

Album is out May 21. Get it.


The Temper Trap - Need Your Love
The Temper Trap - Rabbit Hole

I need your lunch...I forgot mine today...


Garbage Are 'Not Your Kind Of People' [MUSIC]

The former 90's modern rock radio dominators Garbage headed by flame-haired Shirley Manson are all set to return with 'Not Your Kind Of People,' their first album since 2005! Although they did recently appear on the U2 cover album 'AHK-toong BAY-bi.'

We've already heard 'Blood For Poppies' and a quick clip of 'I Hate Love.' We also now have the new, charged-up 'Battle In Me', which will serve as the album’s first single in the UK. But in case you missed them, grab em' down below.

Garbage still play like 1997 never ended, and there’s something weirdly inspiring about that...

Garbage - I Hate Love

Sigur Rós Debuts Ethereal Newness From 'Valtari' [MUSIC]

Everyone’s favorite arena-ambient, ultra-beautiful, singing-in-a-nonsense-language band Sigur Rós is back with a new single 'Ekki Múkk' and new album 'Valtari' which is set for a May 29 release.

So, how does the group sound four years after their last studio album (..dont forget about last year's 'We Bought A Zoo' soundtrack)? Still very pretty with orchestral swells and a patient pace that’s made for staring out train windows and falling in love.


Sigur Rós - Ekki múkk

I have no idea how to pronounce half his song titles....


Mike Shinoda & Chino Moreno Team Up For 'The Raid' [MUSIC]

is the lead track from the new soundtrack for the film The Raid: Redemption, which was scored by Linkin Park/Fort Minor rapper Mike Shinoda and musician Joe Trapanese. This number, a moody electro-rock ballad, features guest vocals from Deftones/Team Sleep frontman Chino Moreno.

It’s a heavily dramatic song that occasionally dips into dubstep theatrics. Mostly, though, it makes us wistful for the next Deftones album.

Fingers crossed...


Mike Shinoda & Chino Moreno - Razors Out (The Raid Redemption OST)
Mike Shinoda - Drug Lab (The Raid Redemption OST)

Chino Moreno is the best...that is all...

The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver--A Mash-Up For The Ages [MUSIC]

You're not dreaming. It's finally happening. Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips has finally dropped the bomb that we've been anticipating since January. Record Store Day will be the day that Lips will be releasing a double-LP with jams that feature some old friends and some new ones.

It's called The Flaming Lips And Heavy Fwends (yes...that says Fwends). Featured on the comp is a diverse array of folks including Nick Cave, Chris Martin, Lightning Bolt, Yoko Oko, Ke$ha (eeewwwwww!!!), and Bon Iver, who you can hear on the track 'Ashes In The Air' below while you peruse the lyrics. The video also has some pages from the lyrical wonderbook Wanye so meticulosuly maintains.


Flaming Lips & Bon Iver - Ashes To Ashes

Should have 86'ed that Kesha joint....

Arcade Fire Gets Epic For The Hunger Games [MUSIC]

The Hunger Games is breaking records (the largest non-sequel debut ever) with its early box office performance, and critics say it’s pretty good too! The soundtrack is also expected to top the Billboard charts next week, which is fun news for Arcade Fire, whose 'Abraham's Daughter' appears. Win Butler and wife Régine, also contribute the orchestral work 'Horn Of Plenty' to the film’s score. We’ve got the full Panem Anthem below, but first here’s Win discussing the track with EW:

“We were interested in making music that would be more integral in the movie, just as a mental exercise. And there’s an anthem that runs throughout the books, the national anthem of the fascist Capitol. So as a thought experiment, we tried to write what that might sound like. It’s like the Capitol’s idea of itself, basically. It’s not a pop song or anything– more of an anthem that could be playing at a big sporting event like the Games. So we did a structure for that, and then James Newton Howard made a movie-score version of it that happens in several places in the film."

Epic Cool...


Arcade Fire - Abraham's Daughter
Arcade Fire - Horn Of Plenty

I think everything would be more epic and awesome with theme music....

Best Coast Releases Anthem To 'The Best Coast' [MUSIC]

Best Coast’s leadoff single to their new record is the title track 'The Only Place', a lovelorn ode to lead surf-swagger-singer Bethany Costentino's home state. “Why would you live anywhere else?” she asks, and then she lists some reasons why you wouldn’t want to live anywhere else (spoiler: the beach!). She’s definitely sticking to that rendering of a California road map + animal characters motif, you’ll notice. Sufjan Stevens and many others known to do this. In any case, get some music below. You know the drill.


Best Coast - The Only Place
Best Coast - Boyfriend (Lindstrom Remix)

I wish I had a girlfriend...too much information?


A Place To Bury Strangers..And See Them Play [Concert/Music]

Besides playing with The Joy Formidable tomorrow 3/28 at the best venue in the city [Terminal 5, of course!], A Place To Bury Strangers has a new album out, 'Onwards Towards The Wall' which deserves some honorable mentioning.

If you dig The National, Depeche Mode and Black Angels then these guys are for you. Dark, synth-laden tracks which are perfect to get your despair on. Robert Smith would want you to.


Check out some tracks from new album, including some remixes courtesy of School Of Seven Bells and The Clapp.


A Place To Bury Stangers - So Far Away
A Place To Bury Strangers - Suffragette City (David Bowie Cover)
A Place To Bury Strangers - So Far Away (School Of Seven Bells Remix)

a good place to bury strangers is NOT your backyard...