David Lynch Gets Crazy With Clowns [VIDEO]

Besides having an unusual addiction to coffee, another passion of David Lynch is creating unusual music and films. The latest from the 'Mad-Men-esque' silver fox is his video for 'Crazy Clown Time' and title track for his most recent experimental album.

Although highly NSFW (when has that stopped you trying to find those Playboy shots of Lindsay Lohan), it is very well done. In the clip, Lynch orchestrates the game day after-party from hell, complete with a topless blonde, a couple of fazed out LA hipsters, and what appears to be Ryan Gosling on steroids.

Personally, I was hoping the first video would be 'Pinky's Dream' which features the lovely and talented Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But if you havent heard this stuff yet, prepare for an mind-warping acid trip only California can provide.

David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time
David Lynch - Pinky's Dream (Feat. Karen O)

speaking of California...anyone see the Californication season finale??! Wow....

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