Oddisee Reinterprets Bon Iver + Marvin Gaye + Metronomy [MUSIC]

Brand new quick-witted, quick-paced melodic rapper from D.C. native Oddisee has injected his EP with some the best and also unusual influences: Bon Iver, Marvin Gaye & Metronomy. His album, 'Odd Renditions' is just that. Odd, but also highly addictive. The first track 'Paralyzed,' features Bon Iver's 'RE: Stacks' chorus as his own, jacking it up with digital beats and few other bells & whistles.

Best thing about it? Its totally FREE. Grab the EP out now, from Bandcamp HERE.

01 Paralyzed - Bon Iver 'Re: Stacks'
02 The Gold Is Mine - Metronomy 'We Broke Free'
03 Ain't That Peculiar - Marvin Gaye 'Ain't That Peculiar'
04 Man I Use To Be - K-Os 'Man I Use To Be'


Oddisee - Paralyzed

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