The Antlers Submerge Themselves Undersea [MUSIC]

A day after The Antlers teased their forthcoming Undersea EP with the lush ethereal jam 'Drift Dive', the trio unleashed another cut called 'Crest' [this morning to be specific]. It’s a somewhat glitchy, sample-laden affair that explores similar sonic territory as 'Drift Dive'. Remember the underwater dystopia from the first Bioshock game? Their audio newness would be a perfect addition to the soundtrack exploring the ruined town (as opposed to the scenes where mutants try to claw your face off).

Undersea is out 7/24 in the U.S. on Anti- and 7/30 in the UK on Transgressive.

01. Drift Dive
02. Endless Ladder
03. Crest
04. Zelda

The Antlers - Drift Dive

The Antlers - Crest

Spongebob has new neighbors....

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