Summertime 2012 - Crush Playlist [MUSIC]

We all know the summer brings promises of love, passion and blah blah blah...Maybe its the 100+ degree weather. Maybe its all the margheritas. Who knows! One thing we can all agree on, is that music just sounds better on a sunny day.

Well now you can swoon your lover-to-be with some fresh beats for the [boiling] streets. Saint Saviour has a nice interpretation of M83's track 'Midnight City'. And Twin Shadow remixes chillwaves' resident summertime musician Neon Indian and his song 'Hex Girlfriend'--which if you put on said girlfriend, might ruin that romantic evening you had planned.

Also on deck is an anonymous remix of Little Dragon's dreamy, swimmy jam 'Crystal Film.' Full of bass-y dub potential and underwater notes.

Other gems abound. Be sure to check em all out 'dont wait for later...' Cause you know--it'll be too hot to do anything and the mood will be gone.

Saint Saviour - Midnight City (M83 Cover)
Doe Paoro - Born Whole (Kokyo Remix)
Rusko - Somebody To Love
Best Coast - No One Like You
Little Dragon - Crystal Film (Close Remix)

...sure to make her melt.

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