ODE2AMY - Artistic Tribute To Amy Winehouse

The late, Grammy-award winning Amy Winehouse was no stranger to the demons shared by fellow lost but not forgotten artists such as Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, & Heath Ledger--to name a few. And while the world may argue and dispute the true meaning and causes behind their deaths, some people prefer to take a more literal, sometimes less-than-subtle way of paying tribute to the undeniable talent that they all possessed.

One such tribute has been crafted by mosaic and multimedia artist Jason Mecier. His work is known to combine elements that make up part of the specific individual that he was focusing on. He has crafted spectacular portraits of Michael Jackson and Sigmund Freud using pills, Rosario Dawson and Ashanti using makeup, and Farrah Fosset and Florence Henderson using household products. In the case of Florence, she even sent him random objects to use.

Amy Winehouse has sadly become another face on the wall of the infamous '27 club.' A group whose  permanent members have struggled with countless addictions, self-loathing, feelings of abandonment and the perhaps most dangerous of all characteristics--the unavoidable, unforgettable and highly exploited raw talent that the world cried for constantly. The weight of which fell heavy on the shoulders of these troubled few.

"Amy Winehouse" Mosaic - 17'' x 21'' (pills, 2011)

Attributing her death to be the result of drugs and/or other substances, the media has created very little doubt in the minds of others. The result is a morbid fascination and beautiful homage to pay respect to the late pop-star using thousands of multi-color painkillers--one of the addictions that she suffered from. But this fascination is not aimed at exploiting her suffering or to say that this is all she or others should be remembered for. Its to high-light the tragic consequences of such addictions and the media's sensationalistic tendencies to exploit celebrities and reduce them to their actions.

Many of Amy's closest friends and family believe that she was indeed ready to get her life back on track and had been clean and sober for sometime. They are confident that when autopsy results are returned that it will show just that. I too would like to believe that beneath the tarnished surface of her less than perfect reputation, was the soul of a true singer who was overcoming her own demons in order to strive for deserved and proper recognition once more.

You can check out more artistic renditions of celebrities, real people and even request your own portrait be made at Jason's website. Be sure to take a look at Andy Warhol, Dolly Parton and a rendition of Billy Bob Thornton from 'Bad Santa'!


  1. your article reminds me of my thoughts:

    "When the true side of our stories being told by others, we become only a character, nothing more...."

    I like the way you write and think, I hope your writing contributes to more exposures..

  2. ..those mosaics look wonderful and thoughtful..