Street Art - Bringing People Together by Mashing Them Up

What' s one way to make something more unique than it already is?

By taking two other unique things and mashing them together! Well, that's exactly what Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington are doing. And with your help (yes...you!) their art can be part of your hood. Putting a fresh spin on street art by combining the elements from your face and others, this dynamic duo can generate prints that can be set-up virtually anywhere as a poster size tribute to your homage, or even as a massive billboard overlooking your fellow citizens. Welcome to Brooklyn Street Art!

JR "Inside Out" Project, The Bronx, New York 2011 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Of course street artists like Fauxreel, C215, Swoon, Specter and others have thoughtfully introduced neighbors into the public space with their work also, each with their individual technique, but the scale of this TED-fueled interactive project really impacts many perceptions of people, neighborhoods, and the concept of public space.

Check some cool hybrid Harlemites and of course my WAY more badass Brooklyn brethren:

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