Ask Bjork Anything (Yes, Anything).

If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with the always enigmatic, stylish [and highly volatile] Icelandic singer/songwriter, then wonder no more! And awake to a world where Bjork answers your tiny, human-minded questions with that trademark obscurity and nonsensical absurity. Perhaps also with that trademark smirk, but alas you won't be able to tell as this is purely digital.

Over at her website, you can pose any question you like to the whimsical woman of wonder and she will respond in kind, whenever she gets around to it. Feel free to ask her such thought-provoking queries such as "What is your spirit animal?" or "If you were'nt creating such weird music, what other job would you have?" Or you can take the mundane approach and ask her what her favorite marshmellow piece in Lucky Charms is...

Two questions have been asked already [albeit boring] including this one which has already received a reply:

And speaking of Biophilia, Bjork just released her latest audio adventure of the same name this month on Nonesuch Records. Crystalline is the first single off the album and has already invaded the digital space with a trip-tastic music video [which we totally expected]:

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