The Flaming Lips: Out-Doing Themselves Yet Again.

Okay...so we all know about The Flaming Lips and their epic work-day length jam that blared across our earballs a couple weeks back. Never one to be out done by anyone but himself, Wayne Coyne is at it again. This time with news that in fact there is now a 24-hour song in the making. While there is no doubt that some guy out there is bound to sit and listen to the whole thing in its entirety [can't imagine why...] when it's released Halloween (Oct. 31), the smart money says it will be one of the lucky 5 people who have already purchased the song-to-be which will come fitted in an actual human skull [from local purveyor Skulls Unlimited that doubles as a hard-drive. And for $5,000 a head, you can bet your ass that those 5 people feel pretty obligated if they want their money's worth.

Artistic stunts like this are becoming common for The Lips — although this one is decidedly the most off-the-wall. At the beginning of this year, the band announced that they planned to release a song per month, and since then Coyne and Co. have set out on a wacky exploration of music and art. There was a song entirely composed of YouTube videos, and a gummy skull (and other body parts) packed with music. No wonder Wayne Coyne was nominated for an O Music Award for Digital Genius.

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