The Temper Trap Admit Their Need For Love [MUSIC]

The Temper Trap weren’t joking the other day when they tweeted that ‘Need Your Love,’ the lead single off their self-titled second album, would be “out soon.” Just 48 hours after posting the tweet and teasing their eager fans with a 60-second video clip featuring audio from the song, Temper Trap have unveiled the track in its entirety.

Need Your Love’ isn’t likely to be anywhere near as ubiquitous, but it’s still a damn catchy tune that proves ’Sweet Disposition’ was no fluke. Over thick major-key synths, a pounding backbeat and soaring fretwork reminiscent of the Edge, frontman Dougy Mandagi showcases his powerful-yet-fraile voice as he sings about one of the most recognizable themes in human existence--Love!

Grab the bonus track from the new album as well, titled 'Rabbit Hole'.

Album is out May 21. Get it.


The Temper Trap - Need Your Love
The Temper Trap - Rabbit Hole

I need your lunch...I forgot mine today...

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