Mike Shinoda & Chino Moreno Team Up For 'The Raid' [MUSIC]

is the lead track from the new soundtrack for the film The Raid: Redemption, which was scored by Linkin Park/Fort Minor rapper Mike Shinoda and musician Joe Trapanese. This number, a moody electro-rock ballad, features guest vocals from Deftones/Team Sleep frontman Chino Moreno.

It’s a heavily dramatic song that occasionally dips into dubstep theatrics. Mostly, though, it makes us wistful for the next Deftones album.

Fingers crossed...


Mike Shinoda & Chino Moreno - Razors Out (The Raid Redemption OST)
Mike Shinoda - Drug Lab (The Raid Redemption OST)

Chino Moreno is the best...that is all...

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