Chill Vibes For A Raw Mind: Vol. 2 [MUSIC]

Its the weekend once again. For some, its the time to make Lindsay Lohan's drinking problems look tame by comparison. For others---its the beginning of an extended period of relaxition. For those looking for a little meditation and but still want a nice jam to go with it, the following is provided for your listening pleasure--the next installment of: Sunday Night Chill.

We're all over the world on this one. Featuring songs from from France, UK, Belguim, Australia and right here in the USA. All guaranteed to relax the body and mind with a bit of House, Disco and Lounge beats. If your week was anything like Demi Moore then these grooves are for you.

Grab the tracks below, AND the album art .zip file. All tracks have a personalized cover art that corresponds with the song. ENJOY!


Blackmill - Embrace
Shooltzz - Le Jouet
Tahiti 80 - Easy
Paradis - La Ballade de Jim
Solar Bears - Alpha People (Feat. Keep Shelly In Athens)
Casual Encounters - Robo Funk (Berlitz Remix)
Kolombo - Endless Summer (Gift Mix)
Silenx - Monochromatic Picture
Phaeleh - Afterglow (Feat. Soundmouse)
Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Jamie Woon Remix)
Casual Encounters - Giovanni's Way (Silver City Remix)
Starsmith - Lesson One
Staygold - Backseat (Ft. Spankrock) (Rimer London Remix)
The Temper Trap - Love Lost (Keljet Remix)
Keep Shelly In Athens - Lazy Noon


Sunday Night Chill 2.0

incense is NOT for smoking...lookin' at you, Demi.

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