New Cursive Is 'Wowowow' [MUSIC]

In just 20 days, Omaha indie-rock outfit Cursive will release its 7th album, I Am Gemini. Last month, we got to hear the tracks 'The Sun & Moon' and 'The Cat & Mouse' . Now, in anticpation for the new release, and because we can't get enough of these unusual looking rockers, we get to jam on the new track 'Wowowow'.

And 'wow' indeed. Edgy, loud and as always breaking the normal formula for a song progression, the song speaks about the Siamese twins the album is named after, from the perspective of one of the albums' protagonists. The track kicks off with a blast of rapid-fire, punk-inspired guitar energy, but ends on a far more devious and low-key vibe.

To grab your FREE download of 'Wowowow', Head HERE [click on the box, pop in your email]. Grab the others below. Album is out 2/21.


Cursive - The Cat & Mouse
Cursive - The Sun & Moon

not bad for dudes who rock collared dress shirts....

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