Jack White Gets All Twangy Again [MUSIC]

Remember last week, that country blues track we heard courtesy of Jack White and his solo efforts? Well, prepare to be perplexed even more. This just in---Machine Gun Silhouette. Now, it may sound like a song title we would expect from The White Stripes, and with the energy to macth. But you would be very wrong.

The latest from his forthcoming LP, Blunderbuss [I keep wanting to call it Blunderpuss...] is the most down-home country-sounding thing that he has ever done. Ever. Kinda makes you wanna two-step with Mary-Sue. The previous single, Love Interruption is out now in stores, and it includes the aforementioned song as a B-side.

Grab it and get your hoe-down on.


Jack White - Love Interruption
Jack White - Machine Gun Silhouette

skip to the lou my darling....

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