Do Not Seek Yourself Outside Yourself.

      Only through exploration of self, can redemption be found....through self-doubt can trust be built. It takes the love of oneself to shine through to the ones that matter...from my point of view--life is nothing unless you believe in yourself. How can you expect anyone to care if you give up on yourself? Or before you even began to have hope in yourself?? I ask you---no...I implore you...love youself and only then can you love another...you are only as meaningful as you appear to others...'to have faith in yourself is to have faith in the world of mankind....'. And if there is one thing I wish to leave you all with, if anyone is absorbing this...is that you should never expect anything from anything but yourself....you are THE means to the end...and life is too short to sit idely by and pretend nothing matters...or that what does matter, doesnt. God bless us all and I pray we all will find our way through this maze we call life....Amen.

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