White Winter Hymnal

The sky is falling... The sky is falling.

The white winter snow flakes reminding me of a peace and serenity that can rarely be found in the city that never sleeps.
I can still remember the days of my youth. Forging into the silent, cold white abyss. Pretending I was the only one in the world. But keeping the imagination and wonder alive is a task that becomes exponentially more difficult as I get older. I think this is true for many people. No matter how much we would love the world to stand still--even for an instant--to recapture the magnificence of our golden days, it remains impossible.

The Earth keeps spinning.

People keep moving.

And the only thing that stays the same are those white, winter flakes that fall gracefully down from the sky. Each one as different as the next, as purposeful and necessary as each breath in my body.

Sometimes I imagine how Heaven would look.

I like to think it resembles those golden years. Standing atop a snow-capped hill, looking out into the grey, endless abyss. A time and place where anything and everything is still possible.

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