Phoenix Rises Again!

//This is a mag. article that I created about some incredibly gifted French electro-rockers.
You may know them simply as,

//the layout was fairly simple. Using autoshapes and color gradients in MS Word, as well as some interesting fonts. The article istself is all me. A Greg Shaw original production.

//the band is just fantastic. Featured in almost every music magazine, and many festivals, this band is impossible to ignore. Even reinventing their sound over the years hads only added to the success. I also embedded some of my other new favorite albums of the past in one of the sidebars.

//It was fun to play around with different ideas for the overall feel of the article, and choosing the right images and placements was the best part. It really made the whole thing fall into place nicely. In addition to this 3-page spread, I also created an advertisment for the music and arts festival Bonnaroo. But that I will save for another day...

Let me know what'cha think.

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