Sweet. Street. Beatz.

When venturing out into the urban jungle, its good to be accompanied by good music that will act as a conduit to your soul, and amplifies your mood no matter what that mood might be..

Today's post is all about Truckin'. Otherwise known as the act of walking with purpose, confidence and perhaps even a bit of arrogance. Not directed towards anyone (or maybe so), but just the kind that lets people know you have swagger.

This first album I'm putting up I have dubbed 'Truckin: Beats For The Streets." It is a compliation of songs that I put togethor that compliment a mood that involves, well...truckin'. If your on the move, this is for you.
1.   Eels - "Love Of The Loveless" - Shootenanny!
2.   Foo Fighters - "Keep The Car Running" (Arcade Fire)- Let It Die
3.   Jimi Hendrix - "Drivin' South" -BBC Sessions
4.   Kings Of Leon - "Fans" -Because Of The Times
5.   The Von Bondies - "Cryin' " -Lack Of Communication
6.   Incubus - "Deep Inside" -S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
7.   Queens Of The Stone Age - "Burn The Witch [UNKLE Mix]"- Burn The Witch
8.   The Kinks - "Powerman" - Lola Vs. Powerman..
9.   The Doors - "L.A. Woman" -L.A. Woman
10. Sneakerpimps - "6 Underground [Nellee Hooper Dub]" -Rewired
11. UNKLE - "Mayday (Feat. The Duke Spirit)" -War Stories
12. Cage The Elephant - "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" -Self-Titled
13. Amy Winehouse -"Valerie [BBC Live 10-01-07]"-Other Side Of Amy
14. The Black Keys - "Keep Your Hands Off Her" -Chulahoma
15. G. Love & Special Sauce - "Free At Last (Reprise)" - Best Of..
16. Warren Zevon - "My Shit's Fucked Up" - Life'll Kill Ya
17. Sean Hayes - "3 A.M." - Big Black Hole, Little Baby Star

This album starts off nice and mellow, allowing you to catch your breath with the Eels "Love Of The Loveless" and the Foo Fighter's cover of Arcade Fire's "Keep The Car Running", before working your heart and soul into a sweat with the Von Bondies and Incubus. Both tracks providing a more upbeat and funky climax of sorts. The Kinks and Doors remind us what era rock swagger really started in and transitions very nicely into the new-age trip-hop sound provided by the Sneakerpimps. UNKLE is a great semi-industrial rock group and usually has a dark club feel, but this particular song feating the British group The Duke Spirit is an undeniably great walking song. Perfect for a hardened walk with a bit of that arrogance I was talking about. Cage The Elephant is a great rockin' anthem that sets itself apart from the other songs due to its alternative sounding production, but nonetheless catches your attention and holds it to the very end. We start to wind down with Amy Winehouse's live performance on BBC Radio and smoothly finish up with a couple of chill jams from the always funky Black Keys and Philly's own G.  Love.

So next time you're out and about, just walking tall, throw this mix on and let the world know what it means to keep it truckin'.

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