Allison Mosshart Channels Louis Armstrong On 'S.O.A.'

Louis Armstrong had a very optimistic view of the world. One full of red roses, blue skies, and a whole bunch of other mushy yet wonderful stuff. With happy lyrics and smooth even melody, its hard not to sway with joy and feel serenity all around you.

Flash-forward to today---where the Sons of Anarchy season premiere continues where they left off. With the brothers on bikes owning the open road with brute force, dirty-dealings and a complete lack of respect for ol' 'Johnny Law.' But no matter, Alison Mosshart, lead singer of The Kills and Jack Whites side-project The Dead Weather offers her own creative interpretation of Louis' golden oldie.

Not stripping away all the happy melodies--she inputs her own unique raspy voice and grungy energy into a still mostly acoustic rendition. Of course, her patent darkness is only a stone’s throw away, as the cover was appropriated for a brutally violent montage during the most recent Sons of Anarchy episode.

Check out her rendition below and catch Sons Of Anarchy Tuesdays on FX:

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