LCD Soundsystem's Death Brings New Life With Hot Chip Collaboration

Members from the recently-disbanded LCD Soundsystem may be doing the totally thinkable and collaborating with the British electro-wizards of Hot Chip, who broadcast the news and a first track, 'Finding Reasons,' this week in an enigmatic tweet. The band's already shared guitarist Al Doyle, who's at the heart of the joint venture, 'New Build'. It's not clear if Doyle is the sole reason Hot Chip is billing this as an LCD Soundsystem project, or if there are others onboard. So far the only named New Build members are Hot Chippers Doyle and Felix Martin, plus engineer Tom Hopkins, who handled Hot Chip's last album, One Life Stand. But as any LCD Soundsystem fan will tell you, if it doesn't include manic frontman and singer James Murphy---it just isn't LCD Soundsystem.


Hot Chip [2010]

'Finding Reasons' features synth, guitar and groovy steel drums, with backing vocals from multimedia artist Janine Rostron, aka PlanningToRock. The full debut is said to be slated for an early 2012 release, and Pitchfork hints a Hot Chip album will surface soon after.

Its hard for me to get into this personally, but for those willing to forget the [very important] fact that Murphy isn't attached as he has left the band and is currently busy being a chef, have a listen here:

New Build - "Finding Reasons" by newbuild

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