Welcome Back, Wilco!

Its been a couple years since their last release, but Chi-town's own have been anything but kickin' back. Having just dropped their eighth album  The Whole Love, Wilco has been relentlessly touring, constantly recording, and just headlined the Solid Sound Music Festival @ the Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts for the second time earlier this summer---There appears to be nothing slowing these 'Windy City' boys back.

Taking some interesting chances on this album, Wilco combines some of their classic country-esque blues elements with some even more retro-fitted musical accouterments. Most notably on tracks like 'Standing O' and 'I Might' where the organ piano can be heard channeling the head-bobbing power of The Doors.

Very ethereal and very hypnotizing--the track 'Art Of Almost' has most certainly laid down the foundation for many an indie-dance club remix with its use of synths, simple break beats and electro-poppiness. Possibly my favorite track on the album, it stands out from the rest as being the most experimental of the bunch--and is quite reminiscent of The Antlers 2011 release 'Burst Apart'. Fast accurate guitars, haunting vocals and crashing cymbals make 'Art Of Almost' a fast favorite for a vinyl release [I hope!].

'Open Mind' and the albums title track 'Whole Love' bring us back to Wilco's roots of simple strumming and the falsetto vocals of Jeff Tweedy. These tracks remind me of what makes their music so accessible but also undeniably catchy.

Notably, 'One Sunday Morning' is a great track that gives us that lazy day vibe-along that I had really hoped for somewhere in the mix. Not only does this song close the album, but it unwinds and massages the mind from the cornucopia of sounds that washed over our brains for the last hour. Coming in at 12-minutes, and often instrumental, its the perfect end to this audio adventure.

Make sure you check out the limited deluxe edition featuring four stellar bonus tracks:
1. I Love My Label
2. Message From Mid‐Bar
3. Speak into the Rose
4. Black Moon

Wilco's album 'The Whole Love' drops Sept. 27th.

Buy it. Listen. Looooovvve it..

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