Flaming Lips: 6-Hour Song is Experimental Nonsense..In a Good Way.

Considering the guy paints in his own blood, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Wayne Coyne [The Flaming Lips] likes to get experimental with his music as well. Just last month, word got out that Coyne and the gang were working on a highly unusual project:

...a 6-hour song.

Now, for anyone who is a fan of the Lips, that is probably not the most difficult thing to wrap the ol' brain around. What is interesting, is that its actually highly infectious and achieves a remarkable psychedelic credibility without having barely any words other than the line 'I Found A Star'--which is what the 'song [if you can even call it that] is titled. But you won't hear those words uttered until about 64-minutes in.

Its quite an investment, I know..

But the song is something you can put on and sort of tune in and out of without missing anything of great musical importance. But the creation of this epic track has itself a great deal of meaning to both Wayne and Oklahoma. The Flaming Lips previously stated that anyone could enjoy one second of fame if they paid $100 to have their name included in the song. That money will be donated to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma. If you're one of those people, you might be feeling a little cheated right now, as a lot of the words -- at least at its one-hour point -- are mumbled and incomprehensible. But hey, at least you gave to a good cause, and Wayne Coyne or some unidentifiable voice will be speaking your name.

You can check out the track below, which is split into three parts, each roughly a 120-minutes long.

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part One of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 3


The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part Two of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 2

The Flaming Lips - I Found a Star On the Ground [Part Three of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action

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