Foster The People Stump Braniacs [NEWS/MUSIC]


Foster The People are clearly one of the top break-out Indie bands this of this year. Having bypassed the usual gambit of non-stop touring, guerilla marketing and street team assemblage, and ending up at Saturday Night Live and a slew of festivals, it would be unusual for anyone to not know who they are...right?
Turns out even the brainiest of citizens have problems when it comes to knowing what's important to the kids these days. Appearing in a $2000 question [or answer form rather..] was the following:

'Got that song "Pumped Up Kicks" stuck in your head? Blame this trio led by Mark Foster.'

Omg! Are you serious Alec?? You just gave them the answer! But alas, not one of the contestants could even venture a guess that was even close. Guess you can only be smart OR cool...
Watch the people who no doubt went home later and googled them HERE.


Foster The People - Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero [Bonus Track]
Foster The People - Love [Bonus Track]
Foster The People - Life On The Nickel (Mansions On The Moon Remix)

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