'Retarded Fren' - Thom Yorke & MF Doom Celebrate Stuff.

Collaborations are the new black. Its a fact. So when you get mega-talented, multi-artist collaborator MF Doom, Thom Yorke & Johnny Greenwood in the same room, you know things are going to get retarded.

Literally it seems..

'Retarded Fren' is the newest in a long line of cross-genre mash-ups featuring Doom--who's worked with artists such as Danger Mouse to create the infinitely awesome brainchild: DangerDoom; and Thom & Johnny of Radiohead who have worked with probably everyone at this point, including PJ Harvey, Bjork and Flea.

When inquired about working with Thom, Doom precisely replied:
"We're working on some duet songs and shit. Just like preliminary shit but we'll probably end up doing a whole record together. He's cool, he got a lot of ill ass ideas and shit, you know..."

Sounds good to me.

To snag your own copy of the Lex Records 10th Anniversary Compilation titled 'Complex' [which we have a feeling it will be] hit up their site. The album drops in January on vinyl.  You can also check out more tracks which will drop every week or so.
Check out the first track 'Retarded Fren' below:

DOOM, Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood - "Retarded Fren" by Treetop

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