Jimi Hendrix Writes To His Dad.

Letters Of Note just released a touching little correspondence from rock legend Jimi Hendrix to his father Al Hendrix back in Seattle, Washington. Now, although this site usually stays more current, I couldn't help but be moved by the gravity of emotion that seems quite clear despite a lack of depth. It could be Jimi's yearning for approval, or the humbleness he was often known for. Not sure.

The postcard was written in October of 66' from Munich, Germany only two months before 'Hey Joe' would be released. 'Are You Experienced?' dropped shortly after--and eventually as we all know, would go on to be one of the greatest rock albums of all time.
Check out the image below:


Dear Dad –
Well...Although I lost the address, I feel I must write before I get too far away – We're in Munich, Germany now – We just left Paris and Nancy France – We're playing around London now. That's where I'm staying these days. I have my own group and will have a record out about 2 months named "Hey Joe" By the Jimi Hendrix EXPERIENCE

I hope you get this card – I'll write a decent letter – I think things are getting a little Better –
Your loving son,

Certainly a touching little piece of rock history and family love...

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