Beck, MGMT, Little Joy & Wolfmother Cover Leonard Cohen [MUSIC]

Beck loves to play around with other people's music. Especially when he's on leave from creating his own. His side-project, dubbed Record Club [rhyme not intended], affords him the opportunity to invite talented friends over to cover a classic album in its entirety, in a day, with no rehearsal. He recently finished posting clips from the Velvet Underground & Nico session, featuring Nigel Godrich and Giovanni Ribisi [the actor?! What the #%&@?!].

Now it’s on to Songs Of Leonard Cohen, which stars the crew from MGMT, Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother, Binki from Little Joy, multi-talented musician/composer Brian Lebarton and Beck's bassist Bram Inscore [both returning from the first Record Club].

One the nicest off the album “Suzanne,” came out the other end sounding like a 'groovy, cello-heavy version' — because that’s just how it happened. Beck says: “There is no intention to ‘add to’ the original work or attempt to recreate the power of the original recording. Only to play music and document what happens.”

So very musically scientific of you!

The tracks have been dropping weekly, and I've been patiently compiling them for your listening pleasure. Check out Beck.com for newness, videos, interviews and to see what else is in the works.


Beck & The Record Club - Suzzane
Beck & The Record Club - Master Song
Beck & The Record Club - Winter Lady
Beck & The Record Club - Hey That No Way To Say Goodbye
Beck & The Record Club - Sisters Of Mercy
Beck & The Record Club - So Long, Marianne

You'd be a loser, baby, if you don't check out these 'tunes...

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