Keep Shelly In Athens...And Cancer-Free [MUSIC/CHARITY]

Charity is an amazing thing. It brings together people from all walks of life in the support of a single goal. A Cure. Sometimes those people happen to just be in some pretty great bands too. Keep Shelly In Athens, Oh Minnows, Kidcity, Shark? & more are putting out a special album containing covers of The Jesus And Mary Chain song 'Just Like Honey' [also the name given to the blog thats funding it--also named for the song].

Each band and musician interprets the song in their own fashion, with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness. The minimum donation is about ₤8 [$12 converted] but no one is asking you to be a cheapskate... Looking for a cure here people!

You can head HERE to make a difference and listen to the tracks. A few are provided below as usual. Album is out now in digital format, hard copies with killer photos of a tatted-up redhead are out tomorrow [2/1].


Keep Shelly In Athens - Just Like Honey
Shark? - Just Like Honey
Oh Minnows - Just Like Honey
Laki Mera - Just Like Honey

warning: seriously sexy redhead ahead....

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