Pretty Lights Vs. Radiohead Vs. Nirvana Vs. NIN = We All Win [MUSIC]


Electro-Mad-Scientist Derek Vincent Smith [Pretty Lights], enjoys warping minds with retro riffs outfitted with modern beats. His remix album splices genres to create his signature body-movers. Working with artists like Notorious B.I.G. [not literally, although that would be something] to Steve Miller as well as Radiohead [Everything In Its Right Place] Nine Inch Nails [Closer] and Nirvana [All Apologies] we end up with some seriously awesome mash-ups.

Not one to stick to the boring, tried-and-true method of mere music combos, he adds his own unique beats, drums and bass to make a more authentic hybrid. And it works. Compiled for your enjoyment and for those seeking their own remix inspiration, are some previously unreleased tracks from Smith. As a bonus, have a listen to a Radiohead '15 Step' mash-up with Dave Brubek's classic 'Take Five' jazz hit courtesy of Overdub.


Pretty Lights - Empire State Of Mind (Jay-Z & B.I.G. Remix)
Pretty Lights - Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller Band Remix)
Pretty Lights - Time (Pink Floyd Remix)


Pretty Lights - Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN (Remix)


Overdub - Five Step (Radiohead vs. Dave Brubeck)

'take five' and listen to this music....

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