Birds are shining. Sun is chirping.

So it would appear that Spring is almost here. You can tell not only by the uncanny weather here in NY, but the attitutudes of the people. Anything above 35 degrees and people evolve. Its the kind of  Fuck you Old Man Winter that we all really need right now. Seeing the peacoats come off, and shorts come out reminds us all that our seasonal awakening will occur any moment now and that it is time to shed our thick coats of gloom and doom. And its a damn good thing.

The winters here can be emotionally damaging; not to mention physically draining, so it's no wonder we take our sunnier half of the calendar for granted. I talk about optimism and determination a lot. But these are not the names of ever-flowing rivers that run down Broadway. Although they do have the tendency to get dammed up often during the gray daze. But to see the look on my fellow urbanites' faces' and for them to know their beloved city is going to bloom soon is what helps spread the creative process.

All hope is not lost.
The people will rise again.

It's strange that each year we forget better days are coming and we choose to wallow in despair and remain confined to our couches watching the flat panel and sipping miso. It can be cozy. No doubt about it. As for being a force flow for creativity though--it remains to be researched.
I'm just glad to be able to walk outside and not want to run towards the nearest living thing and kill it. Metaphorically speaking of course.
It's just that winter has the tendency to turn even the most bright-eyed, bushy-tailed optimists into whiny little toddlers and the already bitter ones into shriveled dry shells. Spring is the season for rebirth of the world and more often than not, our souls. Summer on the other hand is far too damaging and hot to want to do anything else but sit under an air-conditioner and moan about how much we miss Spring already.
I encourage everyone from the Wall Streeter to the Staten Islander to get in touch with the kid inside them and take advantage of these days we can venture outside without being emotionally mugged and frostbitten.

Even as I write this, my burning inclination is to finish this post later and to do something else.
...So I think I will.

The birds are shining and the sun is chirping. Today is going to be a good day.
Repeat this three or more times a day for optimal effect.

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