Fuck Facebook.

I said it. I think a lot of us want to. At least, I hope. The issue I have with this social site and most in general, stems from the new, constant need to be validated by people or 'friends' that for the most part we hardly know anything about. Occasionally people will write "lol" or something worse. While in reality these cyber abbreviations are not only subtracting from real human language but are in all fairness, completely meaningless. Rarely has it ever meant that someone is actually 'laughing out loud' or 'rolling on the floor.' It just means we have nothing to say and don't want to think. Our attention spans now mere milliseconds. And yet I can't say I am any better than the rest of us. I do it too. I have to. I know I won't change the world and whether I deny it or not, sites like Facebook and Myspace will be the future of mankind, and quite possibly it's downfall.

It seems we Homo sapiens have evolved to use less of our brains for thinking and more for simple reactions. And maybe that's why the world feels so screwed up. Because we act without thought, and respond to stimuli we get on the internet and tv in such a way that we become numb and dissconnected. The world is all business. Calls are now being made for few minutes instead of 'just a few more', texting is the new spoken language, and emotions are being replaced with colons and parantheses. What the fuck.

Call me old fashioned but if you have something to say, then you should use a phone. Easily one of man's last great inventions. Its easier pick up a two-way than typing with your thumbs like some Cro-Magnon man and I still believe it to be way more significant. I don't find it hard to believe that this new generation of mine would rather take two steps back then forge ahead. It's crazy fucked up workd out there. And as a whole we are lazy. Uninspired. Hapless hopefuls who brag about big change, Black Presidents and better days when we can barely wipe our own asses without some new edgy electronic device to do it for us. Technology is reverting back into infants. Desperately reaching for the the unobtainable and improbable next step of human evolution without even having a firm grasp on the basics--like talking to a real person, and making eye contact with a stranger. We can't hide behind firewalls forever.

I'm not suggesting that all technology is evil. I am suggesting my humble opinion, which is that in the wrong hands technology becomes a tool of self-destruction. And the longer we stay addicted to it, the more we will lose what it truly means to be human.

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  1. Pros and Cons, as always for anything.., hopefully human are wise enough for self correction..

    While back, I had a very human experience on FB, he was the only one was interacting with me as being a new FB stranger friend, I remember I wanted to tell him, "you are the only one acting like a human being on FB, and do bother to interact people like a friend", but I never had a chance to tell him that.. xP