Buy The Ticket. Take The Ride.

Seeing the reality of yourself in the harsh light of day can be a bothersome thing.
To gain perspective on what your life is really about, and what you've come to be is never an easy thing.
What have you done? Where are you going?
This crazy world has no answers. Just questions. Long, open-ended rhetorical questions.
There is no right nor wrong.
Good nor bad.
There are those who live. And there are those who live.
And living is something we do to give ourselves order in an otherwise chaotic universe.
I think we're all trying to figure out where we're going. And how long the ride lasts.
For some, the ride will last forever. Long after they're gone.
For many, the ride lasts but an instant. A fleeting glimpse into the sea of infinite but inaccessible glory.
Still for others, the ride is something they dare not get on.
It is a scary and unsettling spectacle. Full of wonder, love, mistakes and disappointment.
Buy the ticket. Take the ride.
Discover yourself awake and waiting on the otherside of a winding adventure.
But be not afraid. The scorching flames and white-water squalls are merely a test.
You will arrive dry and unscathed. The real test is you.
Will you rise to the challenge? Or shall you hide in the lonely chasm of your own despair?
The ride is not for the faint of heart.
There are untold perils. Revelations that may result in the upheavel of your very existence.
But for the brave and the willing, the ride is a magical journey.
One that is an affirmation of everything worth living for.
One that is not worth living without.
So I say to you my friends,

But the ticket. Take the ride.
It keeps getting better.

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