The Guitar.

"He's not coming back," she said.

"He was serious? I’m a little bamboozled by all of this. I didn't think he would take it that hard." I was confused and caught off guard. This news would surely have repercussions on my friendship with Erin, and the one with Andrew was already strained.
"I don’t know. He wouldn't really say...It's just...I guess, he's going through some stuff right now. He just couldn't handle it anymore."
"Can't help but feel I played a hand in this mess. I figured he would have had a few words with us at least before departing."
"I know...”

There was a long silence that followed. The kind that gives you enough time to feel guilty. At the same time Erin and I were apprehensive to point fingers at each other. It was an unfortunate situation but Andrew and Erin were doomed from the start. They didn't work. The fact was, she liked me. She always did. But we didn't work either.

"So I guess you'll have to find a new roommate now. Or become that crazy cat lady. Then I'll have a reason to finally stage an intervention." She laughed. Just the right amount. I knew we were going to be okay. In some crazy rom-com this might be the moment where we try again and get it right. We would live happily ever after and the inevitable fade to black would follow. But this wasn't a fairy tale and although my life might look good up on the silver screen with an all-star ensemble, shit hardly ever works out. We both new given another chance it wouldn't work any better the second time around.

"I already feel like a crazy person. I still have all of his shit here and I don't have any room for my own. He left in such a hurry and from what I can tell I doubt he's coming back to get any of it."
"Well as long his he didn't he leave a meth lab behind I’m sure you could get rid of it on EBay or donate his digs to Good Will."
"Yeah I guess...I'll probably keep his bike though. I don't really want the guitar though. Every time I look at it I'm reminded of him. At any moment I keep expecting to hear him playing it from the other room. It’s crazy I know..." she nervously laughed. I could hear her trying to feel something.
"Well, I've always wanted to be the next Jagger. Maybe I could take it off your hands for a while."
"Really? Yeah...Yeah, that'd be great, actually...thank you so much."
"Actually many thanks to you, I'll come by sometime tomorrow and grab it. And we should talk. This whole thing isn't easy to wrap my head around, and I'd hate to feel like our friendship status was going to be changed to 'it’s complicated.' So maybe some coffee? Chat it out?"
"That sounds really great...I look forward to it." I could hear her smile.

And there it was. Hope. Sometimes losing a friend brings others closer together.

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