The Antlers Rock Out For The Widows [MUSIC]


'If I ever get back home...' I'm gonna be listening to the gorgeous falsetto vocals of Peter Silberman and The Antlers on loop. There seems to be a trend these days with studio-made acoustic sessions, but when a band like this can sound just as amazing in a tiny room as they do in front of an arena, who's really going to complain?? You might not have gotten to see it, but at least you can still hear it. Right? ...Right.

Well fresh off-the-mixer is a small set of new renditions from this years' acclaimed 'Burst Apart'. Have a peak with your earballs and peep the beautifulness.


The Antlers - No Widows - (Daytrotter Sessions)
The Antlers - Hounds (Daytrotter Sessions)
The Antlers - Rolled Together (Daytrotter Sessions)

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