The XX Welcomes The Night With Synkro [MUSIC]

English indie rockers The xx are getting a seriously ambient makeover with the help of fellow Brit and dubsteb artist Synkro. The pairing couldn't have turned out better. The echoing synths, drum & bass elements compliment rather than conflict. There is certainly a liquid feel to this track, aptly titled 'Night Time'. As when you listen to it, you'll wish it was...Could this day be any longer??

You've no doubt heard other bands take a flattering stab at The xx, including The Antlers who covered the song 'VCR' in their own more elctronic sorta way.


The xx - Night Time (Synkro Remix)
The xx - VCR
The xx - Islands
The xx - Basic Space

...they sound like The Kills before they got all angry

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