Chill Music For A Raw Mind [MUSIC]

Every Sunday, I like to make it a point to releax, unwind and get my head back together before beginning the week anew. To do that, often it helps to have a soundtrack--one that amplifies the liquidity the soul, allowing it to bathe in the audioverse. Doubt that's a real world, but oh well.

In preparation for the ridiculous weekend ahead of us, I thought it would be wise to zen out ahead of time considering this particular Sunday will likely bleed into Monday..and probably Tuesday [if you were smart enough to call out of work beforehand]. Compiled for your listening pleasure are some chill vibes from one of my favorite playlists: Sunday Night Chill.


Apparat - Cerro Largo
Boom Bip - Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix)
Chris Coco - Heavy Mellow (Jon Hopkins Remix)
Electric Skychurch - Silver Froth
Emancipator - Black Lake (Emancipator Remix)
FC Kahuna - Hayling (Max Cooper Remix)

No Sunday Night Chill playlist would be complete at only a handful of songs. The zen experience continues with tracks from Jimpster, Lusine & General Midi, and more. Ambient music is key when recharging the mind.

San Fran's artist and musician Tycho, and UK-based Youandewan also round out the mix for this week with some magnificant ambient beats.


Bluetech & Shulman - Midnight Bloom
General Midi -The Eastoner
Jimpster - Distant Light
Lusine - Operation Costs
Tycho - A Walk
Youandewan - Anjou (DJ Edit)

breathe in...breathe out...


  1. Omg! actually I had no idea this was you from W.A.S.T.E! Just put it together now! I'm so happy your my fan! :P