Best Coast + Wavves: California Christmas [MUSIC]

Best Coast & Wavves bring that surf-style rock to the holiday season with their California Christmas song, 'Got Something For You' which they also licensed to Guitar Center. Tis' the season for giving--and then receiving a nice paycheck. Although they'll probably end up spending it all at Guitar Center so who really wins in this situation?

And if you haven't already heard their collabo on the 7'' Vinyl 'Summer Is Forever' EP, check it out below. Go ahead and get your beach on'.


Best Coast + Wavves - Got Something For You


Best Coast + Wavves - When You Wake Up
Best Coast + Wavves - Hawaii
Best Coast + Wavves - King Of The Beach
Best Coast + Wavves - Stained Glass (Won't You Let Me Into Your Heart)
Best Coast + Wavves - Crazy For You

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