Justice Goes On N' On With New Remix EP [MUSIC]

Justice is gearing up for the new release of their remix EP titled 'On N' On' which includes remixes of tracks from 'Audio, Video, Disco'. Two stunning remixes are already up for grabs. Check em' out below.

First up is Brodinski's remix of EP title track, 'On N' On'. And although the name suggests something fancy, this is no Beethoven's 5th..It will get you moving for sure. Full of electronics and pounding drums, Brodinski proves he may just be the Mozart of the future.

Next up is the legendary Tiga remixing 'Canon.' And sadly he likes to talk through much of the song, but try to ignore it. A new vocal free version will be available soon. Hey, at least he doesnt go on and on and on and on....


Jusice - On n' On (Brodinski Remix)
Justice - Canon (Tiga Remix)


Justice - 'Hidden Track' (Audio, Video, Disco)

p.s....the album art is super sexy.

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