Move Over Dave Sitek. Ryan Gosling Is Here [MUSIC]

UK-band Spector have coated the track 'No Light, No Light' by Florence & The Machine with a layer of static-y electronic paint, giving Welsh’s voice a high-pitched makeover and making the intensity of the original a little bit more of an assault on the senses. With a more rugged, and partially dub-stepped beat, its got a groove alright.

But what on earth does this have to do with Ryan Gosling? Had to do some digging, but apparently the remix opening contains hints of the Cliff Martinez-composed Drive score, but maybe it’s just a great background music for cracking skulls or speed-racing away from whizzing bullets.

Who knows.


Florence & The Machine - No Light No Light (Spector 'Ryan Gosling' Remix)
Florence & The Machine - No Light, No Light (Dave Sitek Remix)

whatever happened to Zach from Saved By The Bell? oh wait, that's Mark-Paul Gosselaar....

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