Keep Shelly In Athens [MUSIC]

Although her name isn't Shelly [it's actually Sarah], the music of this duo Keep Shelly In Athens would still sound just as sweet by any other name. Athen's native [at least that's true] Sarah P. and her producer and instrumentalist known simply as, RPR are working on building a following in their homeland across the ocean, whereas here in the States, they are relatively a big deal.

“It’s really, really strange to release a record in a different country,” says Sarah, “but we are ecstatic. Here in Greece we aren’t so well known, so this is just really weird.” She quips. Probably isn't going to hurt that their exposure is about to expand ten-fold as they are on deck for Coachella 2012 this April.

Drawing upon their surroundings, they invite the natual beauty and splendor of the sea and beaches into their musical process. Very etheral and ambient, it triggers vivid imagery of the Mediterranean--even though you might never have been. The best way to describe them comes from Gorilla Vs. Bear: "A shimmering, sexy-smooth, Balearic pop dream, perfect for soundtracking all the lingering yearning and regret of your next late-night comedown.."

So...Who the hell is Shelly??

“Who is Shelly?… that’s funny,” she giggles, “there is no Shelly. It’s a game with words because here in Greece there is a suburb called Kypseli.”

I can dig it.


Keep Shelly In Athens - DIY
Keep Shelly In Athens - Song To Cheer You Up
Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
**sounds like: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II**
Keep Shelly In Athens - Hauntin Me
Keep Shelly In Athens - Lazy Noon


Keep Shelly In Athens - When You Sleep [Mixtape]

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