Of Montreal: Paralytic Stalks

The new Of Montreal album, 'Paralytic Stalks' will be out in the world in just a few weeks, but like a boy on Christmas [or Hanukah, don't want to discriminate] the excitement was too much to handle. Had to have it. And it seemed appropriate to share it--that's what they teach you in Kindergarden, right??

Well here it is! And as a bonus, the gang also wanted to share their song about oral hygiene from Yo Gabba Gabba...which I think they also teach you in Kindergarden. Best tracks on the album are easily the poppy, upbeat 'We Will Comitt Wolf Murder' [something Ted Nugent is likely acquainted with], 'Wintered Debts' [which we've heard] and the highly cosmic, echoey space journey 'Gelid Ascent' which as the name suggests, continues to spiral upwards towards the heavens throughout the song. 'Malefic Dowery' is a more subdued bubbly melody with harmonizing vocals. A very good song for a romp through a flowery meadow or an acid trip...no judgement.


Of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks [320 kbps]


Of Montreal - Brush Brush Brush

music for neo-humans...

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