At The Drive-In Reunites After 11 Years [NEWS]

After more than a decade of new bands, side projects and general differences in the creative department,

At The Drive-In are returning to the stage. Way back when in 2001, lead singer, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Alfredo Rodríguez-López left to form the very loud and experimental group The Mars Volta. The remaining crew went on to form the band Sparta.

I guess the Coachella lineup this year was too big to turn down! You may remember them for their hits 'One Armed Scissor' and 'Invalid Litter Dept.' Which turned out to be their best tracks. Re-listen to them below:


At The Drive-In - Invalid Litter Dept.
At The Drive-In - One Armed Scissor


The Mars Volta - Eriatarka
The Mars Volta - The Widow

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