Tennis: 'Young & Old' [REVIEW]

The sophomore album from the husband and wife duo, Tennis [Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley] officially comes out in a few weeks [2/14], but that won't stop me from bragging about how good it is. 'Young & Old' is a lovely collection of 10 songs that beautifully showcase the rich simplicity of good coastal rock.

'It All Feels The Same' is a great opening track that highlights the discontinuity in many relationships. It preaches about wishing..well, that things were different. With a chorus line like, 'We could be good, but we don't live the way that we should...' the song has a universal meanings. Its also a toe-tapper with tambourines [which are highly underused these days--except maybe by Zooey Deschanel].

The tone switches with a jazzier melody for 'Origins' [already released ahead of the album]. Its got plenty of piano, some sax, and soft vocals from Alaina. The track has a retro feel. Very reminiscent of a song The Bamboos' leading lady Megan Washington might conjure... Fingers crossed for a cover??

The pace continues, but the tone changes to a more rainy-day tune with 'My Better Self'. Very much digging the piano on this. Not so much the persistent fake clapping. Seems unnecessary. Overall a decent song. With a melancholic feel and a soft piano melody it can easily be compared to Keane.

'Traveling' really makes you think you are. A slightly hectic, upbeat song complete with synths and smooth drumming. One of the stronger tracks on the album. Just listen and you'll be smitten.

The next up is 'Petition', another upbeat and sunny song with the same sort of basic repeating piano rhythm found throughout. What's interesting here, is Alaina's fluttering vocal range. It is more prominent here then anywhere else. The chorus has a bit of R&B soul in it which is gives some more depth to the overall album. Can definitely dance to this one. 'Robin' is a reflective love song about someone leaving. For some odd reason, the image of bubbles comes to mind when listening to this. Nonetheless, its a cute diddy.

The totally cool, retro-sounding 'High Road' is a jam straight out of the 60's. The best kind of laid-back surf-style rock. One of the best so far. From there, we sink our teeth into the sugary pop lyrics of 'Dreaming', a more swinging and spiraling track that you can play when swooning over your girl up on Lover's Lane.

The final two tracks, 'Take Me To Heaven' and 'Never To Part' are certainly appropriately named and perfect for closing. When thinking about love, its always best to end on a happy and romantic note. A dreamy lullaby of sorts, the latter track is styled after that 60's style box social movie scene. You know the part. Right at the end when all the kids are dancing, and the camera pan ups to the sky, then fades out...

The end.

Grab the album when its released, just in time for Valentines Day too [2/14]. Your significant other thank you with their mouths [get your head out of the gutter..I meant with a kiss..sickos].


Tennis - Origins
Tennis - Traveling
Tennis - Robin
Tennis - High Road
Tennis - Dreaming
Tennis - Never To Part

p.s...the album uses a classic formula--no song is shorter than 3min or longer than 3 and a half...

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