Tuesday's Gone: Covers Playlist [MUSIC]

This was a quite a gloom n' doom sort of day here in the Big Apple. Nothing juicy and red about it at all.  So here is a list of cover songs by some not-so-well-known players on the music circuit these days. They all seem to compliment the mood of the day.

Ruthie & Zach from Mount Weak deliver a haunting, simple, stripped down version of the upbeat, funky jam 'Heartbeats'. Complete with acoustic guitars, echoing vocals and other ethereal noises, this one packs more emotional content into the song than I previously thought possible.

Mount Weak - Heartbeats (The Knife Cover)

Illinois-based singer/songwriter and beard afficianado William Fitzsimmons creates a captivating folky rendition of The Smiths classic song 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I What'. Taken from the album 'Please, Please Please: A Tribute To The Smiths.'

Since it's on an album featuring a newly squeezed Garbage track [they've been truly MIA for years], you know it has to be good. And it is---Damien Rice tries his hand at the U2 classic hit 'One'. Taken from the album 'Ahk-toong Bay-bi'.

Taking a completely different direction as most paying tribute to Nirvana, the man known as Porcelain Raft took the track 'Come As You Are' and gave it a slow-paced industrial twist. With vocals that sound like they were done in an indoor pool. It has a similar feel to antything the Flaming Lips may have tried...or will try, who knows.

Joy Zipper--the duo from Long Island, Tabitha Tindale and Vincent Cafiso capture the youthful spirit of love and freewill with The Cure classic 'Just Like Heaven.' Not to be confused with Joy Division, Band Of Joy or The Joy Formidable...although I might have just done that for you. Not much has changed here, perhaps more drums and hastened pace, but not by much. What is really enjoyable and unique is the duet between the two singers.

The remix artist collective known as [obviously] RAC, has been busy working on tons of hits and cooking them up to serve you slices of badass remakes. Taking time out of their day to completely remake a song from scratch, are Andre Allen Anjos and his wife Liz Anjos who took what is arguably one of the Smashing Pumpkins best songs, '1979' and rather than remixing, covered it instead [with talent].

The Horrors are brave for tackling fellow Brit David Bowie and his jam 'Suffragette City'. But with a heavily punk influence it works out perfectly. Straighten up your face and listen.

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