Cherokee Takes Us To The Club [MUSIC]

From the French duo who brought us that stunning Daft Punk remix, Cherokee---are two more chilled out songs that evoke thoughts of a warmer time. To be honest, I wouldn't mind taking a 'Mambo Jet' anywhere. Preferably Fiji or Ibiza. Somwhere like that.

'Take Care Of You' is definitely the song you'd listen to on the way there. Slow, sultry and sexy. The second, 'Mambo Jet' sounds pretty reminiscent of a Daft Punk song as well, and is the song you listen to once you arrive. One of the cooler elements of this track is how the sound profile switches between an 'elevator-esque' midi-tune and a 'club doors open' Entourage-type thing. Which pretty much tricks your mind into thinking that you're actually snaking your way through a Euro dance club. There's even a part where it sounds like you just went into the boys room...with a girl.

If only.

Cherokee - Take Care Of You by Shiny Disco Club


Cherokee - Take Care Of You

Mambo Jet by Cherokee (Official)


Cherokee - Mambo Jet

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