Le Nonsense: The Jeunesse EP [MUSIC]

Italian wunderkid Marlon Mastacero has an EP out right nown called 'The Jeunesse EP' and if you ask me what that means, I couldn't tell you--even thought I took like 8 years of italian back in the day. Tale è la vita.

Despite his short time on this planet, he has been responsible for some excellent reworks of Cherokee, Poka, and DeeJMD. His first solo effort is relaxed in its vibe, and classic in its sound; borrowing elements from 70's and 80's disco and supplementing with modern Euro house beats.

Check out the tracklist. Go HERE to listen, And if so inclined, you can grab the album below.


1. Tokio Disco (Original Mix) 3:02
2. Every Time (Original Mix) 3:41
3. Distance (Original Mix) 2:49
4. Funky Goodtimes (Original Mix) 4:02
5. Eat, Dance, Love (Original Mix) 4:01
6. Smile In Rome (Original Mix 3:04
7. Story On The Shore (Original Mix) 3:46


Le Nonsense - The Jeunesse EP [FULL]

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